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How To Choose A Diaper Bag - Your Starter Guide

How To Choose A Diaper Bag - Your Starter Guide


Aside from being a lovely and meaningful experience, parenthood is also a responsibility. We need to be prepared for the new person who is going to appear in our life and change everything. I'm not just talking about mental preparation or learning how to care for a baby (which of course is important too). But also the material aspect of preparation! And let's face the facts - babies need a lot of stuff. Clothes, baby carrier, stroller, a crib, baby bottles, diapers, diaper cream, and of course a cute diaper bag

cute diaper bag

There are many more things parents need in order to provide the optimal feeling of comfort for their baby but for this article, we’ll focus on how to pick one of the most important items for making parenthood comfortable, convenient and safe - the diaper bag

Easy as it may seem, picking the best diaper bag for you and baby is a huge responsibility because the right diaper bag can help you stay organized on the go. See, having the right diaper bag along with you means that; 


diaper bag

Firstly, you’ll be prepared to handle most of the situations that you will encounter in your day-to-day outings and adventures, and secondly, you’ll have all your essential items easily accessible and handy. From my own experience, this doesn't just bring you a feeling of confidence because you know you came prepared, but it also saves you from frustrating situations resulting from being unorganized.

Now, that we've established the importance of getting yourself a cute diaper bag, let's go over the different types of diaper bags and their pros and cons so you can decide which one is the best fit for you and your baby.

Just like purses, diaper bags come in different sizes and shapes. We are going to go over the five most popular types of diaper bags in this article.

diaper bag best


Tote diaper bags

Tote diaper bags are very popular because they bring the best of both worlds together - they're functional but also, they look good and can look quite trendy. They're very easy to use - you just wear them over your shoulder like an ordinary bag and whenever you need something, all you have to do is reach down inside and quickly grab the item. Wearing it on your shoulder provides a nice level of convenience and allows easy access to all your essentials. 

On top of it all, tote diaper bags look the least like a diaper bag. They look so good! And there is a large variety of designs, and colors and fabrics for this type of bag. If you're looking for a cute diaper bag, that's definitely the type for you! the optimal minimalist look paired with easy accessibility.


  • Quick and easy access
  • A lot of space inside to put things plus many compartments which makes it easier to find what you're looking for
  • Looks fashionable and can be used as a bag for work or trips as well


  • It's large and takes up a lot of space
  • Wearing the bag over your arm may restrict your movement and feel uncomfortable 
  • There is a risk that the diaper bag may fall off your shoulder when you're bending over


diaper backpack

Backpack diaper bags

Backpacks are high on the list of cute diaper bags as well! And on the list for most convenient bags too. You probably remember how many pockets and compartments you had in your school backpack. Now imagine how convenient they can be for a parent! 

Backpack diaper bags are huge and spacious and can hold so many things including, but not limited to, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, changing pad, toys, packing cases, mini first aid kit, lotion etc. Tote bags are spacious too but backpack diaper bags have the advantage of evenly distributing the weight on your back and shoulders and allowing you to move your hands as you wish. You can carry your baby or grab food from a shelf in the store or push the baby's stroller without any problem whatsoever. 


  • Free movement of your arms
  • Not only do you have a lot of space, but also the space is usually neatly organized
  • Even distribution of the weight on your shoulders; this kind of bag is necessary for parents with back problems
  • Ideal for hands-free activities


  • It's more difficult to access the things inside and you have to take it off so you can get things out
  • Could be bulky and large depending on the design

Messenger diaper bag

That's the traditional type of diaper bag. Large pockets, easy to organize everything, a lot of space...You don't have to search in panic for where you put the wet wipes or the baby's favorite toy because everything is so accessible and organized. On top of it all, you have a cross-body strap that can be adjustable for extra comfort and which allows you to hold the bag tightly while opening it and grabbing stuff on the move. And let's face it, as a parent you learn walks and tasks take a lot more time when you have to stop each time your child needs something from your bag.


  • The most easily accessible 
  • It's not as bulky as the backpack and the tote bag
  • Great choice for short travels


  • Uneven distribution of weight on one shoulder leading to aches and pains while carrying the bag 
  • Less storage space compared to other diaper bags 

Convertible diaper bags

I get it. It's difficult to decide between the tote, backpack and messenger bag. They all have their advantages don't they? Convertible diaper bags however, combine the other three types in one. Most convertible diaper bags convert into all three styles, while some may convert into only two styles. Flexibility is something you're going to need a lot of as a parent. This kind of bag is especially convenient when one parent wants a backpack and the other wants a tote bag and it's difficult to settle on just one. Ultimately, this may be the most cost effective option in such a situation.


  • Versatility
  • You can easily convert the bag into a different shape for different occasions
  • Can be used by either parent


  • May not  give you a 100% of each bag type since it combines more than one type

Designer diaper bag

Yes, you got it right - famous designers are launching cute diaper bags designs as well. High-end designers included - Ralph Lauren, Kate Space, Gucci, Burberry, they’ve all delved into the diaper bag business. If you're a mom and want to keep being a fashionista as well, then this kind of diaper bag is the best choice for you. There's no need to give up on your style because you're a parent. 

And it's not just about pleasing you aesthetically - designer diaper bags are made of high-quality fabrics.


  • Stylish
  • High-quality materials which make the bag more long-lasting
  • Made by trusted brands


  • They're usually more expensive, though the investment is often worth it
  • Some designer diaper bags are difficult to wash clean due to the type of materials that are used


So these are the main five types of cute diaper bags parents use for their babies. Of course, many parents buy smaller bags like fanny packs in addition to the main diaper bag, so they don't have to bring a full size bag along if they just need a few essentials for a short outing. However, a large diaper bag is still needed for full day outings, especially if you have more than one child.

Now that we've established the most popular and convenient types of diaper bags, let's dig into the features you should be looking for when you're choosing the perfect diaper bag for you! 


Look out for:

  • Space. This is by far the top priority when it comes to picking the right diaper bag. It definitely isn’t fun hauling a full diaper bag with items popping out of each pocket making it impossible for you to zip the bag. It’s even more frustrating if you can’t find items in your bag when you need them. 

That's why it's always best to grab a bag that has more space than you initially thought would be necessary. Quick tip: if you use cloth diapers, you're going to need even more room.

  • Comfort. Okay, having plenty of space is a good thing but along with it comes a problem: it's not comfortable to carry heavy things. Especially when you got a baby to handle too! That's why it's important to pick a diaper bag that distributes the weight well and has well-thought compartments and pockets. You need something comfortable and ergonomic. Don't forget to take care of your own comfort, because it's a lot harder to take care of your baby and pay attention to his or her needs when you're not taking care of yourself. It's not selfish to try and make your life easier. 
  • Easy cleaning. The diaper bag often gets dirty and that's a fact. Used diapers, clothes with smeared food on them, leaking's a lot and you can't avoid it. That's why looking for a bag with wipeable material is important. Some diaper bags can be cleaned in a washing machine so that's something to look out for too. Also, it's better to avoid bags made with materials that stain easily.
  • One for all. Investing in one cute diaper bag can save you time and money but it's important to choose one that is comfortable and accessible for every person who is going to use it. Does the dad feel comfortable with wearing a designer diaper bag made for ladies? Are your grandparents comfortable with backpacks? Can this diaper bag be used to carry items for all of your kids if you have more than one child?  
  • Pockets. Pockets are your friend. Remember this. Trust me, you need to keep your diaper bag organized or you will lose your mind. Easily accessible pockets help you keep track of things. It's good to look for many interior and exterior pockets so you can choose where to put your essentials - rather than just throw stuff in the void of the bag and expect to find it later by miracle. 


Additional features

We've covered the basics, now let's go over a few additional features that may help you pick the right diaper bag when you're hesitating between a couple of good choices. 

  • Insulated bottle pockets. These help you keep the temperature of the things you put in it, including a bottle with milk, water or packs of food.
  • Stroller clips. That's a very convenient additional feature that allows you to attach your bag to the stroller. This way you don't have to carry it all the time or take up space in the stroller basket. Keep in mind that the stroller may tip over when unoccupied or if a heavy diaper bag is hang on it using the stroller clips. 
  • Changing pad. Some cute diaper bags come with a foldout pad for changing the baby.  This is a great add on which protects your baby’s skin from touching unclean surfaces and it’s convenient for changing baby in public places. 
  • Solid closure. Let's not forget about safety - you're getting yourself a diaper bag because you want your things to stay in it, not fall out randomly. Zippers are great but make sure they are high-quality. Velcro gets stuck on stuff and the sound of it opening can wake up your sleeping baby and let's be honest, we don't want this to happen. 
  • Base. Pay attention to the base of the diaper bag. It's a lot easier for you to reach in and find the needed item by using one hand only if the base is hard and straight enough to keep the bag up on its own. And when you're dealing with a baby, you need as many of your hands free as possible...
  • Design. Last but not least - get yourself a cute diaper bag! Just because something's useful doesn't mean it can't be also stylish and fashionable. There are many cute diaper bags so you just have to look for a color and style that suits your preferences. It's more convenient to share the bag with whoever else takes care of the baby - it saves both money and time that you will need to transfer things from one bag to another, so keep in mind who else might be using the cute diaper bag.


There you go - now you know everything you need to know in order to make the right choice for you considering all these cute diaper bags out there! Comfort, convenience, and functionality - that's the three words you have to keep in mind when making the choice. 

Now it's time to go shopping!