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Yes and yes. The side pockets can fit up to a 32oz bottle.

The bag is built with a reinforced panel at the back to help reduce sagging.

The bag is faux-leather so it wipes clean. The inside is also lined with a thick nylon lining material which is stain resistant, waterproof and wipeable. It can also be pulled out for a quick hand wash.

Yes, it stands up tall and proud. It has the look and feel of a soft leather backpack, with enough structure to hold its shape.

Tablets and kindles slide in very easily. Our 13.5" Macbook Pro fits as well.

There is plenty of room for everything you would need for a toddler and a baby. We’ve been using our bags for months for our three-year-old and one-year-old and usually have lots of room to spare in the bag.

The zippers are made of high quality hardware to support the sleek faux leather.

We recommend using a matching colored shoe polish to help cover the scratch.

We’ve ensured our vegan leather endures through time and ages well. However, all vegan leather can scratch with contact against sharp or rough ones. Please handle your vegan leather products with care. Scratches, chips and peeling are considered normal wear and tear, and are therefore not covered under our warranty. Please note that all vegan leather has a shelf life. It is subject to chipping and peeling with age and misuse. We recommend keeping the product out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, and away from extreme temperatures.

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